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O2 Business Blog

  • How One Box Meals use social media to engage and expand their customer base
    Dionne, Candice and Carleen, the sisters behind the UK’s first Caribbean meal kit delivery service One Box Meals, have been using social media channels to raise awareness of their brand and build up their customer base. Social media has been a crit…
    - 53 days ago 4 Apr 22, 2:20pm -
  • One Box Meals: Six learnings after one year in business
    One Box Meals is the UK’s first Caribbean meal kit delivery service, bringing delicious recipes to doorsteps across the country. Sisters Dionne, Candice and Carleen started One Box Meals in lockdown and have now been in business for over a year, ju…
    - 53 days ago 4 Apr 22, 2:04pm -
  • How to tell if your smartphone has been hacked and prevent it from happening
    A hacked phone can be a major headache for any business. In this article we explore how to recognise if a device has been hacked, what to do if it happens and how to prevent it in the first place, with recommendations from cybersecurity experts McAfe…
    - 73 days ago 15 Mar 22, 11:40am -
  • What to do if your email is hacked
    If you’re hacked, cybercriminals may be able to access your data and cause real damage to your business. In this article, we explore what to do and how to respond quickly. Unfortunately, email hacking happens all too often. If you are a victim, it…
    - 81 days ago 7 Mar 22, 2:57pm -
  • Giving something back to the NHS
    We’re using the Apprenticeship Levy to help train nurses While supplying NHS England with hardware and network connectivity to support Covid-19 vaccine centres across the country, we realised we were sitting on a great opportunity to give something…
    - 88 days ago 28 Feb 22, 3:21pm -

Prowess UK Blog

  • How To Grow And Scale A Profitable Electrical Business In 2022
    Just like any other company, regardless of industry or niche, an electrical business requires a lot of hard work, commitment, professional expertise, pure determination, and a bit of luck to succeed. A huge amount of effort needs to go into making yo…
    - 2 days ago 25 May 22, 1:30pm -
  • How to Set-up a Business Today: 7 Simple Steps
    Wondering how to set-up a business? In most cases, starting a business in the UK is quick, cheap and easy. Follow these 7 steps to set-up your business in a day.The post How to Set-up a Business Today: 7 Simple Steps appeared first on Prowess.
    - 3 days ago 24 May 22, 8:19pm -
  • 5 Tips for Organising Physical Documents in Your Office 
    Have you experienced keeping someone waiting as you search for an essential piece of document amidst a pile of paperwork on your desk? Perhaps you’ve struggled meeting a deadline because you couldn’t find a necessary file? While most people work…
    - 8 days ago 19 May 22, 9:33pm -
  • Removing the stigma from homeworking
    Before the pandemic, it was unusual for employees to work from home. When Covid arrived, the government’s advice was to work from home if possible. Many workers who had never previously worked from home set up offices in their kitchens, dining room…
    - 8 days ago 19 May 22, 8:45pm -
  • Learn How To Efficiently Pass Your Skills To New Coworkers
    Businesses that are dependent on the unique skills of maverick staff are always vulnerable. If something happens to the golden person – if they are sick, on an extended holiday, or if they are poached by a rival company –  your business will qui…
    - 8 days ago 19 May 22, 8:31pm -

Growth Business

  • newDeals of the Week 21 May to 27 May – a GrowthBusiness round-up
    Originally written by Timothy Adler on Growth BusinessThis week’s deals include agricultural commodities hedging platform Stable closing £48m in Series B, a new £20m fund for life sciences start-ups in the Greater Manchester area, and Resurgence…
    - 11 hours ago 27 May 22, 9:57am -
  • Earliest-stage tech start-ups being starved of investment, warns Google
    Originally written by Timothy Adler on Growth BusinessUK runs the risk of choking off future tech giants, warns internet giant, as proportion of VC funding for earliest-stage tech companies falls to 5% in 2021 compared with 15% a decade ago
    - 1 day ago 26 May 22, 4:14pm -
  • Number of new venture capital firms drops by two thirds in 2021
    Originally written by Timothy Adler on Growth BusinessVolume of new VCs being founded in Britain drops by two thirds in 2021, reflecting a wider European slowdown in new venture capital firms opening their doors
    - 2 days ago 25 May 22, 10:59am -
  • Deals of the Week 16 May to 20 May – a Growth Business round-up
    Originally written by Dom Walbanke on Growth BusinessDeals this week include a platform for booking creatives, a biotech spinout and a wearable that warns of hazards in the workplace
    - 8 days ago 20 May 22, 8:41am -
  • Top UK angel networks for your start-up
    Originally written by Dom Walbanke on Growth BusinessThe UK is the biggest angel investor market in Europe, with the number of investments overtaking crowdfunding for the first time
    - 9 days ago 19 May 22, 8:51am -


  • newStaycation Holidays For 2022
    The UK may be a small island in a large ocean, but we have some of the most stunning scenery in the world and it’s all on our doorstep. Eastern promise The county of Suffolk could be considered to have it all. Within easy reach of the Midlands, Lon…
    - 8 hours ago 27 May 22, 1:10pm -
  • 3 Types of Companies that Benefit from Revenue-based Financing
    A growing SaaS company can absolutely benefit from getting additional funding, especially when the competition is tight and you need to make sure your product’s continuously being improved. If your organization operates on a subscription-based mode…
    - 2 days ago 25 May 22, 3:35pm -
  • How To Improve The Efficiency Of The Returns Experience
    There are several vital aspects to consider when improving the efficiency of the returns experience. These include transparency, inventory management software, Handheld scanners, and a structured return policy. Ultimately, a smooth returns process le…
    - 3 days ago 24 May 22, 3:52pm -
  • Top Four Benefits Of Using Blue Light Glasses
    There are many benefits of blue light glasses. They protect your eyes from digital devices. They reduce eye strain and itchiness, improve comfort, and improve your digital work. You can find blue light glasses on blublox.com. Reduces digital eye str…
    - 3 days ago 24 May 22, 3:43pm -
  • The Fundamentals of Graduation Announcement
    Regardless of what you decide to do for your graduation announcement, there are a few fundamentals that you need to follow. First, you should include your full name, graduation date, and school. If you’re sending out your announcement to family and…
    - 4 days ago 23 May 22, 9:00pm -

Talk Business Blog

Bdaily Business News UK

Basepoint Business Centre Blog

  • Should SMEs Open Over Christmas?
    It’s an old problem facing owners of small businesses – is it worth keeping the office open between Christmas and the New Year? Can you afford to give your staff a well-earned break, or do you stay open for the benefit of your customers and your…
    - 14 Nov 18, 11:57am -
  • Should SMEs Keep Their Landline Telephones?
    One of the UK’s leading accountancy firms, PwC, announced recently that it was getting rid of landline telephones on all office desks, with all staff being expected to use mobiles by the end of the summer. Is this an option for SMEs, however?  Bas…
    - 6 Aug 18, 12:19pm -
  • Five Key Reasons Why Budgets are Vital for Small Businesses
    Budgeting can be a dirty word for small businesses, with many owners claiming they don’t have the time or the resources to do it properly. But SME budgets should be relatively quick and easy to set, and the benefits far outweigh any time and money…
    - 6 Aug 18, 12:15pm -
  • Tips for SMEs on Managing Maternity and Paternity Leave
    Maternity leave is a subject that has hit the headlines when New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern became the first elected world leader to take maternity leave during her term of office. She announced that she would only be taking six weeks of l…
    - 2 Jul 18, 8:00am -
  • Why SMEs Should Enter Business Awards
    Owners of SMEs may believe it is difficult to spare the time to put together an entry for a local or national business awards. Others may believe there is no chance of winning if you are up against much bigger competitors. Basepoint Business Centres,…
    - 28 Jun 18, 12:55pm -